Supply Chain Finance Process

Supply chain finance explained

No more reliance on expensive borrowing to support your working capital

Irrespective of industry or location, every supplier's desire is to be paid promptly once they have performed on their contractual obligations.Every buyer's desire, on the other hand, is to stretch payment terms in order to finance their working capital needs. ECap exists to harmonize this dilemma through the creation of a virtual market place where receivables are traded


From helping buyers implement supply chain finance programs to helping suppliers execute accounts receivable finance programs, our cloud-enabled platform delivers a guaranteed access to affordable working capital


We collaborate with buyers to uncover significant cash flow opportunities that traditional funding programs typically miss—often freeing up multiples of additional working capital.


Trusted by leading corporations globally, our multiple-funder model provides the safest and securest way to eliminate the volatility and risk associated with most programs that rely on single-funding sources.

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