What sets us apart

Our business model is underpinned by the following four principles:


ECap owes its existence to the persistent desire by its promoters to identify a comprehensive solution that would sustainably assist SMEs with access to affordable working capital.  ECap therefore works with: (i) buyers to help them optimize their working capital and reduce supply chain risks; (ii) suppliers to facilitate access and improve their liquidity and cash-flows and (iii) Banks and other financiers to help them structurally de-risk their SME and agri-portfolios as well as deepen the share of income therefrom.


ECap has a diverse range of skills and experience through their investors, directors and management. The Board and management team comprises of professionals with diverse backgrounds and practical experience in Strategy, Finance, Consulting, Risk Management and Banking, among others. The company has established a best-in-class Corporate Governance Structure that provides incentives for the board and management to pursue objectives that are in the interests of the institution and its diverse stakeholders.


Our Supply Chain Finance offering has been inspired by the need to benefit SMEs and Small-holder producers. Despite the undisputed contribution of these sectors to the economic developments of any economy, they are grossly under-funded through conventional financial instruments whose risk acceptance criteria favours established businesses with strong and consistent cash-flows. Through our integrated approach involving large buyers, suppliers and funders, we transfer the risk from the small suppliers to the large buyers thereby creating a steady cash-flow streams for the suppliers. As cash is king in any business, we make a direct and sustainable impact to the socio-economic welfare of the countries we operate in through strengthening SMEs.


We understand that we cannot provide all solutions to all challenges. We therefore take advantage of our core strengths and work with other partners complementary strengths to offer solutions to our clients. This ensures that our clients get the most optimal and affordable solution based on a good blend of local and international knowledge and experience as well as latest technological capabilities.