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Supply Chain Finance
Multi Bank
  • Myths of Supply Chain Finance
    Myths about SCF Spotted Truth Revealed
    Supply chain finance is an important part of your business. Debunk some of the myths that surround it
    Case Study, supply, chain, finance, myths
  • Single bank vs multi bank
    Single Bank vs Multi Bank
    Supplier qualifications determined by lead bank. Will exclude some groups of suppliers (geographies, currencies, credit profiles
    Infographics, Supply Chain Finance, multi bank
  • Multibank Infographics
    multibank infographics
    Instead of trying to attract the corporates to their platforms, we’ve realized we have to join the corporate platforms and provide solutions that help automate the supply-­­ chain process
    Infographics, Supply Chain Finance,
  • supply chain finance tail
    The Tail in Supply Chain Finance
    Ext6ended Supplier Finance Has been the primary focus of SCF programs deploying high spend suppliers where buyer value is ~75% and up
    Infographics, Supply Chain Finance,
  • The-Supply-Chain-Finance-Iceberg
    The Supply Chain Finance Iceberg. What is Evaluated vs What Really Matters
    Infographics, Supply Chain Finance,
  • History-of-Supply-Chain-Finance
    A History of Supply Chain Finance Explained
    Infographics, Supply Chain Finance, History