Reverse Factoring

Reverse Factoring

Our Reverse Factoring Solution is offered through SCiSupplier – the only common solution for mulit-funder supply chain finance and dynamic discounting on the market. Honored with numerous prestigious awards, SCiSupplier has become the global market standard, allowing buyers to increase their payment terms and generate substantial cash flow gains or improve their collected discounts by helping their suppliers get paid early. SCiSupplier can be used in virtually any currency and jurisdiction, allowing suppliers to receive funding at attractive terms and reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions.

Unique among any other accounts payable finance platforms, SCiSupplier can accommodate any financial institution (including non-bank funding institutions as well as the buyer’s surplus cash) to fund the supply chain finance and dynamic discounting program.

Currently, there are more than 75 funders on the platform, including the world’s largest banks, nonbank funders, and capital market investors. SCiSupplier is the only solution on the market that gives buyers the freedom to use third-party funders and/or to self-fund your supply chain finance program.

Using detailed payment term strategies developed by our SCiMap solution, our supply chain finance and dynamic discounting programs identify the optimal mix of terms, rates, and funders within a single platform and with one set of legal agreements. Countries and currencies can easily be added as your program expands into different jurisdictions. SCiSupplier provides each of the parties involved in the program with a powerful, secure, and unique view as well as control of their part in the process.

  • Supplier supplies goods/services and invoices buyer  – no change in the invoicing process
  • Buyer approves invoice electronically transmits the approved invoice (now payable) into our platform
  • Supplier gets notification and picks and chooses approved invoices to trade for early payment
  • Trades are a true sale of receivables and are not counted as debt on the supplier’s balance sheet
  • Set up rules for instant trading based on previously defined parameters for accounts receivable finance
  • Provides visibility into approved invoices and credit memos
  • Acts as a payment processing engine, as a benefit to the buyer
  • One hub for all active supply chain finance programs for buyers, suppliers and funders
  • Competitive rates based on buyer’s credit score
  • Mitigates risk from extended payment terms
  • Multi-funder platform protects against volatility with few limitations in terms of countries or currencies