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A calculator, pen, and financial statement.

Cash is King in Supply Chains

Supply chain finance is becoming more and more important globally as a working capital optimization tool for buyers through a reduction in their cash-to-cash cycle, while concurrently allowing suppliers access to affordable capital from a third party financier. It solves the conflicting objectives between a buying organization looking for ways to extend its Days Payable Outstanding’s (DPOs) and the suppliers demanding early payment terms to reduce its Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs).

We work with the buyer to analyze the Buyer’s spending in order to set the appropriate strategy to optimize it’s working capital, creating a win-win solution along with Suppliers.

Our leadership team understands that optimizing working capital encompasses; Identifying cash flow opportunities that are hidden in the Buyer’s spend. As well as ensuring access to a multi-Funders platform to ensure both domestic and Cross-board trading financing requirements.Through a detailed spend analysis, and the empowerment of the Buyer’s treasury and procurement teams, as well as the capability to successfully onboard suppliers around the globe, Ennovative Capital helps Anchor Buyers in Turkey and the Middle East as well as North Africa to achieve their working capital and cash flow goals as no other solution provider can.