Funder Services


Generate tangible revenue by Partnering with us

We work with leading local,regional and global financial institutions and funding sources to optimize working capital in supply chain finance. Our platform boasts transactions from the world’s top financial institutions including the largest banks and capital market investors in the world.

Benefits for Funders to partner with Ennovative Capital 

  • Having a direct relationship with the supplier/seller and the buyer with full transparency
  • Tested and approved by various funding sources, including some of the largest global banks and industry standard audits while running on highly secured systems
  • Offering fast go-to-market strategy for funders and other partners
  • Allowing banks to market supply chain finance independently on Ennovative Capital’s platform
  • Money flows do not go through Ennovative Capital but directly to the funder
  • Full transparency on pricing, without participation fees
  • Receiving support in terms of collection of know-your-customer (KYC) requirements

We help you get better results to your clients

Ennovative Capital provides standard legal agreements that tie up the commercial structure enabling Funding partners to provide liquidity with minimum concern for structural and operational risks. Funders can participate in individual financial supply chain programs or in groups with other funders under specific terms.

Although SCiSupplier is a multibank solution, it is not an auctioning network where funders compete for buyer financing offers. These are private communities where funders are invited, terms are agreed, and tspecific funders become the exclusive funding sources to specific buyer programs. We help financial institutions leverage their strengths as providers of liquidity, trust, and financial settlement services by tightly integrating them as true business partners with our buyer and supplier clients.

If you are interested in partnering with Ennovative Capital Innovations for shared business success, please contact us and join the largest working capital finance platform, OpenSCi, today.