Supplier Services

Supplier Services

Unlock much needed Cash Flow by utilizing our platform

The biggest obstacle to business success is the shortage of cash and the inability to maximize cash flow. Whether it is due to rapid growth, seasonality or lack of time to chase debtors or a long business cycle, the end results are the same pressure, under performance and the inability to grow. Based on Ennovative Capital’s long-term experience, our receivables financing platform allows selling organizations (Supplier) to generate cash flow through a centralized web-based platform, backed by more than 50 leading financial institutions generating unprecedented flexibility in terms of jurisdictions, currencies, credit limits and competitive pricing.

Supply Chain Finance

As a Supplier you might have been invited by your Buyer, by accepting the invitation you can join our supply chain finance platform and select the invoices you want to trade for early payment on an ongoing basis. As an invited supplier, you can vision all approved invoices from your Buyer and elect early payment whenever you need cash. Suppliers receive payment the very next day after their invoice has been approved. If your Buyer did offer you the chance to trade your receivables please do contact us as to enable

SCiSupplier permits you to boots cash flow by changing your accounts receivable into cash. Such funding is without recourse, so it is not considered as debt on the Supplier’s your balance sheet. The financing rates on the supplier finance programs are very low as the credit rating of the Anchor Buyer is leverage under Supply Chain Finance whereas the recourse remains on the Buyer.

Suppliers Benefits:

  • Opportunity to receive early payments of invoices
  • Reduced working capital requirements resulting from reduced payables outstanding
  • Acquire more secure sources of working capital
  • Gain access to low-cost finance rates
  • Gain visibility into the payment process